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Expert Precision Machining & Metal Fabrication

We provide a wide range of custom manufacturing services, in one location, that offers the control you need in the industries today.

Contract Manufacturing Experts

Aerospace, Military, Medical, and Commercial companies all across the United States depend on our reliable and precise manufacturing services. Our extensive contract manufacturing capabilities include:

• Precision Machining
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Mechanical Assemblies
• Mechanical Adhesive     Bonding

• Single Components & Assemblies
• Prototype
• Short- & Long-Run Production
• Chromate Conversion Coatings

 • Quality Control Lab

Controlled Customer Inventories

Aircraft - Precision Machining


Precision Machining for Specific Needs

We have three-axis vertical machining centers and four-axis horizontal machining centers  to ensure your order is manufactured correctly the first time. Our two automated machine cells consist of several machines in a palletized system loaded by robots. Either single components or detailed assemblies, we fully engage to meet all customer needs.
By offering choices in our production, we can provide a prototype, short-run, or a long run production. Our chemical finishing is provided in-house or through approved vendors. To be specific, we handle chromate conversion coating for aluminum to MIL-C-5541 Class 1A and Class 3. We also have the capability of providing mil-spec painting in-house with our robotic paint cell.

All products must meet or exceed the quality requirements required by our customers prior to shipping. Your products conform to the customer supplied drawings, specifications and requirements.